Provider FAQ

These questions are designed to offer providers with answers to commonly asked questions regarding the initial enrollment in one of the OWCP programs and subsequent registration and use of the Pharmacy Bill Processing Portal.

Is Provider Enrollment the same as Web Registration?
No - Web Registration allows pharmacy web portal access to providers already enrolled in the DEEOIC or DCMWC programs. Only Pharmacy provider types are allowed to register for web portal access. Providers can obtain full access to the web portal by visiting the DOL OWCP Pharmacy Bill Processing Portal home page, clicking the Provider link corresponding to one of their enrolled programs, and then clicking the Web Registration hyperlink in the left navigation menu. To begin registration, the user will be asked to enter the provider organization's DOL Provider ID, EIN or SSN, and Medical License Number (for Physicians) or Zip Code (for non-Physicians). As part of this process, the user will be asked to create a unique user ID that will be used when signing on to the portal. This initial user will be assigned as the Master Administrator of the organization and will be assigned all available security privileges, allowing for access to secure areas of the portal and the ability to add additional users to the organization. A one-time use password will then be sent to the e-mail account supplied during registration. This password must be changed upon initial log in. At this point, the provider may then log in and begin utilizing the functionality residing in secure areas of the portal.

How do I check the status of my enrollment?
You can check the status of your enrollment by visiting the DOL OWCP Pharmacy Bill Processing Portal home page, clicking the Provider link corresponding to one of the programs, and then clicking the Provider Status Inquiry link in the left navigation menu and entering the required information. The resulting screen will either indicate that no matching records were found or will indicate the application status for each program for which an enrollment form was received. All Pharmacies are required to be registered with NCPDP, please refer to the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs at http://online.ncpdp.org/ to register.


How / when do I get a User ID and password (Web Registration) for the website?
As previously mentioned, once a provider organization is enrolled in the DEEOIC or DCMWC programs, a user from that organization can complete the Web Registration process to allow access to secure areas of the web portal.

What is an EIN/SSN and is the Provider Number my TAX ID?
The provider number is NOT your Federal Tax ID; it is a 9-digit number that is assigned to you through the Department of Labor and will be mailed to the address you provided during the enrollment process. The EIN/SSN is your Tax ID and should go in the appropriate field. If you are not sure what your provider number is, it can be found on any EOB (Explanation of Benefits) you receive. It will be located on the top right of the report and will appear as Provider ID: xxxxxxx-xx where "x" is a numeric value.


Why is the initial password so complicated and why must I change it the first time I log in?
The password is encrypted for your protection and security. The system automatically generates these passwords without using physical words. The case sensitivity of the website is also used in the generated passwords for protection. Please note that you will be prompted to change your initial password by re-entering the email-generated password and creating a new one. The best method to enter your temporary password from the email is to simply use MS Window's copy and paste functionality. To copy, highlight the desired text, press and hold the CTRL and C keys. To paste the text string, place the cursor in the current password field and press and hold the CTRL and V keys. Your new password must be at least eight characters in length.

What if I forget my User ID or password?
If you forget your password or User ID, please contact your organization's Master Administrator. Once your password has been reset, you will be emailed a temporary password which is valid for one use. Upon logging into the Pharmacy Bill Processing Portal, you will be required to change your password.


Why do I have to occasionally renew my password?
For security reasons the password you have will expire every sixty (60) days. You will start receiving prompts at login to change your password five (5) days prior to its expiration. Please be advised that when renewing or changing a password, previously used passwords are not allowed.

How do I retrieve my remittance voucher?
You can retrieve your remittance voucher via Payment Status Inquiry on the Pharmacy Bill Processing Portal.Here are detailed instructions: Instructions for Retrieving Remittance Vouchers